Cheryl Opie

Civil Celebrant

Reflect and honour,
the life that is being lived.
Share stories, love, laughter, and tears.

A funeral is an amazing tradition. The family throws a big party for you on the one day they know you can’t come! So why not join in on the big day?

Life celebrations or Living Wakes  are becoming increasingly popular for people who wish to celebrate their lives with the people they love.

There is now a growing trend in how we are celebrating our passing BEFORE we DIE.  Why miss out on all the entertainment, joy, love and all the fun and beautiful things your friends and loved ones would say about you when you are not here to hear it? You can share special stories and memories.

Very often we have regrets when a loved one dies and we wish we could have one more day to be able to say things that we now feel to be important. Things like, I love you, I’m sorry, perhaps it’s an opportunity to heal relationships.

A Living Wake or Life Celebration is a heartfelt tribute to a person whether their death is imminent or not.

You will be able to say how important they are to you. What you will miss most. Sometimes we don’t learn the most interesting attributes and experiences about a person until the funeral.

In preparation for the Living Wake, you and your friends and family will be asked some questions, that will elicit memories about the honouree’s personality, and how they are living their life. Sedately, gently, seriously, full of fun, with a weird sense of humour, outrageously, or flamboyantly? Are they an intellectual, a sportsperson?  What do you/they love?

These questions can elicit extraordinary memories to leave in the hearts of family and friends.

If you are interested in honouring your own life or the life of a loved one, I will help guide you through this process.

Living Wakes

Never stop
showing someone
how much
they mean to you.

Our Pricing

  • Price on Application for Living Wake

What we provide

~ Initial meeting and planning of Living Wake.
~ Preparation of Ceremony.
~ Unlimited correspondence via email, phone or zoom meetings.
~ Keepsake booklet of Ceremony.

Legal requirements

There are no legal aspects to these ceremonies and they can be held anywhere at any time.